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Community Projects

Moore Markeiting and Communications considers involvement in the community to be very important. For that reason, there are 3 projects we are committed to sponsoring each year.  Women and Children hold the key to our future. We believe in the restoration of the family unit and are commited to doing all we can to help re-establish self confidence, wholeness and wellness in the community. 

KYSE: Kiss Your Self Esteem


To encourage women that have been victims of rape or domestic violence, former drug addicts or displaced/unwed mothers to restore their self-esteem. Teaching a woman to see herself as God sees her and created her to be. Teaching a woman to love herself is the first step in achieving freedom from dependency on others. It provides a woman a sense of pride and will motivate her to do more with a courageous belief in self.

Find out more about KYSE. 

She's a BOSSE: Cliniques

A BOSSE is a Beautiful Oasis of Success, Style and Elegance

Our purpose is to help young ladies recognize proper traits and behaviors that reflect a budding woman of elegance. We want to motivate, stimulate and educate the minds of young ladies to think before taking action. Finally, we would like to instill a sense of confidence, to plant a seed to succeed and to develop healthy choices.

Find out more about She's a BOSSE: Cliniques. 

Grindaholix: Young Men on the Rise



Grindaholix: Young Men on the Rise works to impart the importance of respecting every decision a young man makes. We understand and know the teenage years are the habit forming years for adult lives. For that reason, we want to help instill positive thought processes concerning self-esteem, ability, purpose, responsibility and success. We believe every young man is important and needs/deserves an opportunity to speak openly and candidly about the topics that my concern them. 


Find out more about Grindaholix: Young Men on the Rise.

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