A BOSSE is "A Beautiful Oasis of Success, Style and Elegance" 


Bring your daughters, their friends, nieces and neighborhood girls out to the "She's A BOSSE: Leadership & Etiquette Clinique. Ladies will learn how to reflect their inner beauty and harness and inner power that comes from right perspectives and right choices. 


Our purpose is to help young ladies recognize proper traits and behaviors that reflect a budding woman of intelligence, grace and self-love. We want to motivate, stimulate and encourage the minds of young ladies to think before taking action. Finally, we would like to instill a sense of confidence, to plant a seed to succeed and to develop healthy responses to life's ups and downs. 


This Clinique is sure to be fun, relational, memorable and motivational!


Each lady will receive a T-shirt, A signed copy of Shattered Mirrors by Stephanie D. Moore, A 3-Course Dining Etiquette Meal and a Professional Headshot (Digital). We will give away one $25 gift card at the end of each class and one lucky student will win a laptop or tablet! 


Please note: 10 Scholarship Seats are available to parents in need. We are asking for a small donation of art supplies. Those supplies will be sent to our friends at Malaika School in the Congo. Questions? (405) 306-9833. 


July 15th - 18th, 2019


5:30 PM - 9:30 PM


Ben Hill Christian Church
4099 Sunset Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30331

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